Ginology Glassware

The art of botanicals, in the palm of your hand.

A beautifully crafted collection of Copa Gin Glasses from Ginology. With the boom of craft gins sweeping the nation, sit down and enjoy your favourite new flavour in a glass that is as uniquely crafted as your gin.

The launch collection features twelve designs decorated in differing botanical illustrations. There’s a nod to the heritage of gin making and drinking with classical designs of Juniper and Cucumber – with flourishes of coriander. If you prefer a more floral note there are many to choose from with Hydrangea and Wildflowers both sharing nods to the vintage blooms currently enjoying popular revivals. For the more adventurous there’s the Flamingo and Pineapple glasses that are just asking for a tropical tipple to be added.

This decadent collection is presented in a kraft box and is the perfect gift for all budding ‘ginesters’. You don’t have to wait to be gifted one, they make a great self-purchase too!